Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 29: Ink Blots

Ink Blots
with Ink Blots there's more
than one or two or three.

these Ink Blots they hide--
a great Infinity.

What casts this one shadow
here on the wall?

the narrow light too blinding,
to ever see It all.


  1. i guess it's not hard to imagine the genius and creativity needed to invent the Rorschach test, a projective personality test that is still widely used in Psychiatric practice.

  2. It also reminds me of the magnificant Baccarat crystal chanderlier, as seen in the south coast plaza.

  3. Ah. Thanks for heads up on Rorschach. I didn't know he was the genius behind these ink blots!

    I added a link to the article on wikipedia via the photo.

    Thanks again!

  4. You are welcome, EK. What a pleasant discovery to all the treasure hidden behind each photo! i would have never noticed that. As i commented three wks ago, i have always appreciated your endeavor to deliver countless thoughts of wisdom and laughters over the years. It has inspired me and many others to think more, learn more, dream more and become more. Thanks 2 you again!